Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Worldwide Auto Utah and

Worldwide Auto Utah Scam

This Blog will be dedicated to informing the public about the unethical business practices of a company called WorldWide Auto.  They also go under the website name:

The purpose of this blog will be to help centralize reviews and inform the public about this company and its owners.

Although, I will attempt to be objective about the business, I will state up front I have in my opinion been scammed by this business.  In particular Santiago Guanuna.  I will ultimately go into this in great detail.

It is my hope that this company will learn that just because they sell vehicles to people who often live great distance away, they still need to follow basic legal and ethical practices that any other business needs to follow if they want to stay open.

If this company initiates resolution in a timely manner, I will post this and give the details.  If however this company forces me to go to Utah small claims court, I will continue my efforts and create websites, reviews, and other blogs to continue informing the public about this business.
Comments will be approved by me.  This is because in other web reviews the owners of the business respond condescendingly and arrogantly.  This adds insult to injury which the victim of this business could do without.
But wait, there is more.  This site will have links to other peoples experience with this business.  I would never want you to make a decision only based on my review. After reviewing the information I which I will help centralize, you will be able to decide whether it is worth the risk to deal with Santiago and Worldwide Auto.

Consider the following links.
(type in worldwide auto)

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